Firing on the car of ‘Wild Things’ fame actress Denise Richards, fatal attack on her husband too

Deadly attack on Denise Richards: Shocking news has come to the fore for the fans of ‘Wild Things’ fame American actress Denise Richards. According to American media reports, there has been a fatal attack on the actress and her husband. According to the news, on Monday, Denise and her husband Aaron were sitting inside the car on the road, arguing with the other vehicle’s owner. The argument worsened when other occupants started firing bullets at Dennis’ car.

Deadly attack on Denise Richards

With Aaron driving, Denise and Aaron arrived at Popsicle Studios in Los Angeles, TMZ reports. Meanwhile, Aaron was looking for a place to park but could not find a place. Then the driver of the vehicle coming from behind got angry at Aaron and started shouting at the actress and her husband. At first, Aron did not think it necessary to argue and gave way to them and let them go ahead.

The incident badly shook Dennis.

However, despite this, the other vehicle’s driver became enraged and started firing at Aron-Dennis’ vehicle. Fortunately, the bullet hit the vehicle’s rear, keeping Denise and her husband, Aaron, safe. At the same time, this incident broke Denise badly, and she reached the set crying. Seeing the bullet marks on the actress’s car, a production team member immediately called the emergency number 911.

Aaron waited 12 hours on the set.

This firing also made Aaron very upset. He waited for his wife, Denise Richards, for 12 hours on the shooting set because Denise was working for 12 hours. When Denise and Aaron left the shooting set, an off-duty police officer escorted them to the highway, after which both reached their homes safely. At the same time, it has not been revealed how far the police investigation has reached in this firing case.

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