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Fan Asked For 1 Crore From ‘Sonu Sood’

Friends, the Karona epidemic has seen many colors, pain, and helplessness and also introduced many such people who were no less than an angel, in this epidemic where the person was very helpless and helpless, only those people came forward to help them who rocked By becoming, pushing back the troubles and helping the people, there is such a kind-hearted person Sonu Sood, who wiped the tears of millions of people like a messiah.

Fan Asked For 1 Crore From 'Sonu Sood'
Fan Asked For 1 Crore From ‘Sonu Sood’

Even though Sonu Sood plays the role of a Villain on the film screen, in real life he told what a real hero is? He helped the people and with his money, he took people and migrant laborers to their homes by free bus service, seeing this form of Sonu Sood raised hope for him in the hearts of the people, after that, it was like a salute.

Fan Asked For 1 Crore From ‘Sonu Sood’

Gaya was the only name of Sonu Sood on everyone’s tongue and everyone was willing to tell their problems to them, Sonu Sood also left no stone unturned in helping the people, he gave money to many people for the treatment and also help him, maybe he got beds in many places in time, distributed food to the people, and also did not know how many such works have been done. If we sit to tell about it, it will take a long time.

In the meantime, many such users make such a demand from Sonu that they would laugh after hearing it, similarly, when a user spoke to Sonu Sood, he too could not live without answering as well as many other users. Also tweeted on this tweet, a similar tweet of a user seeking help from Sonu sir is going viral. A fan tweeted to Sonu Sood and wrote – Sir, give me 1 crore, while Sonu Sood while replying funnily, said that just one crore would have asked for a little more.

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When the laughing emoji was made, another user said will you give me a role in your next film? So Sonu Sood also gave a heart-wrenching answer and said that there is no bigger role than helping someone, he does it, then there is no bigger hero than you.

Many people keep making different demands from Sonu Sood. Sonu Sood has become a hero for the people today, and everyone has many expectations from him, some tell him to get a job and some say to get married here. Many people are also cheating in the name, because of which Sonu Sood has said that the joke is not money to help anyone. I take if someone takes my name and asks for money to get your work done, then beware of such people.

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