Dune Part Two First Look Out: Official trailer of Zendaya and Timothee Chalamet’s film to release on THIS date

It’s finally here: the much-anticipated official first look for Dune Part Two. This is the official sequel of the popular 2021 film Dune. On Tuesday, May 2, the first look poster for the film was released by Legendary Entertainment and the official social media accounts of the film.

The first look poster featuring the leading pair Timothee Chalament Zendaya hints that the American sci-fi film will focus primarily on their characters Paul Atreides, and Chani.

Dune Part Two first look poster

In the first poster for Dune Part Two, Timothee and Zendaya’s characters Paul Atreides (left) and Chani (right) are shown against a sunset. Timothee Chalament is shown in his armored suit, and cape, looking up while raising a sword. Zendaya is seen with her sword in her left hand while she looks down. She also wears an armored suit like Timothee’s character Paul.

Dune Part Two’s first look poster is going viral now on social media. It has completely impressed film fans around the world. Along with the first look, the makers confirmed the release date for the project. The Denis Villeneuve-directed science fiction film is scheduled to be released in cinemas worldwide on November 3 of this year.

Below is the first look at Dune Part Two:

Dune Part Two Trailer to be Released on THIS Date

According to the latest updates, they have confirmed their plans to release the Dune Part Two trailer exactly 24 hours following the release of the first look poster. Dune Part Two has confirmed this by posting a sneak peek video on their official social media accounts with the caption “Trailer Tomorrow.” The 44-second video shows a man wearing an armored suit inserting his weapon into the desert. The film’s main characters are introduced later in a style.

Check out the trailer video below to find out when it will be released:

About Dune

Frank Herbert wrote the novel that was published in 1965, and the acclaimed 2021 film is based on it. Dune was a film with a star-studded cast, including Timothee Chaumet, Rebecca Ferguson Zendaya Oscar Issac Josh Brolin Stellan Skarsgard Dave Bautista Jason Momoa, and others.

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