Disha Patani changed many colors in a single night, sometimes in a sexy high slit dress and sometimes in a shimmery transparent outfit.

Her bold looks are more famous than her performance as a Bollywood actress. Her sexy pictures and videos often create panic on social media, but this time Disha Patani took her glamorous style to the streets of Mumbai more than Instagram. Disha Patani changed many colors in a single night, sometimes sexy high-slit dress Shimri was seen in a transparent outfit, see photos

The sexiest dress that Disha Patani wore at the wedding reception of Siddharth Malhotra Advani (Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani) Disha Patani (Disha Patani Bold Video) after Siddharth-Kiara Reception (Siddharth-Kiara Reception)

Disha showed many colors in one night

At the reception of Siddharth Kiara (Siddharth-Kiara Wedding), Disha Patani wore a shimmery green skirt and sexy top on Instagram. People trolled Disha’s pictures on social media when they saw that she had attended a reception party or disco.

Siddharth-Kiara’s complete look changed between leaving the reception and reaching the other party venue. Disha’s high-slit skirt was replaced by a sexy short dress in plum. She changes clothes like this between two parties,

What people do not understand? People are asking where did Disha Patani change clothes after her second-party video went viral? A man claimed that he changed his clothes in the car.

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