Did Bella Poarch cheat on her ‘secret’ husband, whom she divorced? Here’s what we know

Bella Poarch is a popular musician and social media influencer. She’s famous for her Lip-Sync videos on TikTok. She appears to be living her life in full view of her 92.7 million followers. However, her marriage has been kept a secret up until 2022, when she filed for divorce from her secret husband, Tyler Poarch.

Her followers began to question whether Bella had an extramarital relationship with a rapper after learning that she was in a secret marriage, which she was ending. Her followers were curious when allegations of her alleged infidelity surfaced.

Did Bella Poarch cheat Tyler Poarch, her “secret husband”?

Many TikTok members believed Bella and rapper Tyga were dating in September 2021. Rumors spread when the two singers appeared in several TikTok videos. According to GENIUS ELEBS, the two artists were seen dancing to the songs of a rapper at a Los Angeles home.

Did Bella Poarch cheat on her ‘secret’ husband, whom she divorced? Here's what we know
Did Bella Poarch cheat on her ‘secret’ husband, whom she divorced? Here’s what we know

According to reports, the couple had an intimate and steamy video that was posted online. The Internet was flooded with dating rumors even though no one ever watched the video. Bella later clarified the rumors and said that the assumptions made were all false. She stated that the artist is a “friend”.

Bella Poarch and her relationship

Bella filed a divorce petition in November 2022 using her maiden surname and asking for no spousal maintenance. Bella’s covert wedding was accompanied by the shocking revelation that her true last name isn’t Poarch, but that of her husband. According to court documents, the TikTok singer’s real name is Denarie Bautista-Taylor.

Bella, who has kept her marriage private for years, has now opened up to her fans about her past relationships and dates. In an interview with H3 Podcast the singer revealed she’d been single for one year.

She also spoke about her time in the United States Navy, which she joined at age 17 to escape her abusive adoptive family. “I remember everyone crying at boot camp because they missed their parents, and I thought, ‘What’?” She explained. She explained.

Bella Poarch’s tattoo dispute

Bella Poarch is not the first to have a feud with an ex-husband. She was also involved in a dispute over a tattoo of a rising sun on her arm. South Koreans consider the Japanese rising-sun tattoo offensive because it represents Japan’s war banner up until World War II and the colonial activities of the country in Korea.

Bella Porch was unaware of the meaning behind her tattoo. After the controversy, TikTok’s star covered the tattoo. She later had it removed permanently.

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