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Counting Of RCP Singh Among The Selected Leaders Of The Country, Special Coincidence Associated With The Beginning Of Politics

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Union Minister RCP Singh is 63 years old. The political age is 12 years. He can be counted among those selected leaders of the country whose political beginning was with the membership of Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha, or any of the states. The achievements of RCP are higher than many other lucky ones in this category.

During this short period, he was the organizational general secretary of the party. Became the national president. At present, he is a Union Minister. He cannot be underestimated in any of these roles. They are full of energy. They are readily available to party workers. The grassroots and neglected workers have hope from him.

This is because whenever he got the opportunity, he advocated for sending an anonymous worker to the House or the nomination posts. Now that the JDU has refused to send him to the Rajya Sabha for the third time, there is a crisis in the ministerial position, and there is no troubleshooter insight. The RCP must understand that he has made a political mistake. Internet media is being taunted – what is called politics, RCP must have come to know by now.

The race for the No. 2 spot in JD(U) has been going on for a long time. At one time, the name of Prashant Kishor came up. He was the Vice President and General Secretary of the RCP Organization. PK was on his way to getting the number two position in the team that he was put on the sidelines. RCP played a significant role in this.

Later, he also became the national president. Everything has been fine till now. The urge to become a minister at the Center proved to be a big mistake of the RCP. JDU was not joining the Union Cabinet due to getting a place. RCP joined alone.

Consider – RCP is still saying that we did nothing without Nitish’s consent, but Nitish never publicly told us that he had given RCP consent to become a minister at the Centre. Nitish always remained silent in this matter.

When RCP left the post of the president under the one-person one-post formula, his attitude changed. Demonstrating his strength, he came to the JDU office and announced that he would work for the organization while holding a minister’s post. I will do public relations.

Later his public relations were reduced to the journey to the homes of those selected leaders-workers whose relatives had died and could not reach the Shradh ceremony. The public relations program could not go on due to the busyness of Parliament and the department.

The message was going in the queues of JDU that RCP is challenging the corporate power of the party’s national president Rajiv Ranjan Singh alias Lalan Singh. He is the most trusted ally in the eyes of the BJP. His activities were also linked to the policies of the BJP.

Counting Of RCP Singh Among The Selected Leaders Of The Country, Special Coincidence Associated With The Beginning Of Politics

He donated one lakh 11 thousand rupees to construct the Ram temple in Ayodhya. RCP is creating a complex in his village Mustufapur in the Nalanda district. The foundation stone for building temples of many deities besides Lord Rama has been laid.

In the conversation, they started discussing Ramraj as a BJP person. Even he did not openly support JDU’s demand for a caste census.

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