Cobra Kai Season 5 Early Review: Ralph Macchio’s show finds its moments to shine between all the chaos

Cobra Kai is returning with its fifth season, after the shocking ending of season four earlier this year. Season 5 is here in just nine months and the show doesn’t waste any time getting into the action that follows the All Valley Tournament finale, where Terry Silver’s (Thomas Ian Griffith’s) dojo wins it all. Fans have always wondered what would happen if Daniel LaRusso Ralph Macchio had lost to Cobra Kai in the Karate Kid movies. This sentiment is captured in Season 5 of the series.

Chozen, Yuji Okumoto, is the character who rescues Daniel this time. Chozen, the antagonist in The Karate Kid Part II has evolved into a close friend of Daniel’s over the years.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Early Review: Ralph Macchio's show finds its moments to shine between all the chaos
Cobra Kai Season 5 Early Review: Ralph Macchio’s show finds its moments to shine between all the chaos

Miguel Diaz, Xolo Marduena’s character in the fifth season, is struggling to find his father. Daniel (Macchio), meanwhile, is uneasy about Terry Silver’s Cobra Kai getting more kids interested in the dojo after their victory at the All-Valley Tournament. LaRusso hopes to make things right with the help of Chozen, played by Okumoto. Johnny (William Zabka) is on the other side of the world, traveling to Mexico in search of Miguel who has left without telling anyone. Johnny (William Zabka) is trying to repair his relationship with Robby (Tanner Buchanan) and suggests that the two go on a road trip to track down Miguel. Daniel is under the threat of Terry Silver and this season will be about how he deals with it.

Cobra Kai has never been boring. It’s a show that is full of drama, but it doesn’t get too silly. It’s the same for the new season. It may start slower, but this season is expected to be more intense, given that Terry Silver, for example, is not a common opponent. The show is once again playing on nostalgia, and there are times when it takes us back in time to the Karate Kid movies. Amazingly, the flashbacks don’t seem forced. It’s amazing to me how Cobra Kai moves from one season into another without becoming boring despite its repetition.

The show is at its best when the focus is on the Karate moves and fights, rather than when the drama takes over. The first season of Season 5, is a little weaker in terms of action, but the rest will be more bloody and bold. It’s absurd to think that Daniel, after all these many years, is still intimidated by Cobra Kai. The exchanges between Daniel and Courtney Henggeler and Amanda LaRusso are some of the more real moments in the otherwise melodramatic series. Amanda’s character is probably the one who makes the show’s most self-aware remarks.

Xolo’s strong performance is one of the highlights of Cobra Kai. His performance is the most impressive among the younger cast. Yuji Okumoto, who is the oldest of the cast members, brings a lot of humor to this season’s episodes with Chozen. Zabka and Macchio can sometimes seem like the same Karate Kid Boys, except that their bodies have aged. Macchio, Zabka, and Daniel are so familiar with their characters that it’s difficult to imagine them outside of those roles.

Cobra Kai Season 5 has a good start. The first episode is a great way to get the show going.

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