Coachella 2023: Here are the best and worst things about the most happening music festival in California

Coachella 2023 was a place where many unexpected headlines were made. For example, Shawn Mendes reuniting with Camila Cabello; Justin Bieber siding with Frank Ocean, which has taken over the internet; Leonardo DiCaprio and Irina Shayk arriving together amid Maya Jama rumors. Kendall Jenner also appeared with her boyfriend. The relationship between the two is still going strong.

Coachella 2023 was a mix of the good and the bad. Here is a list of the five best moments that will be remembered and talked about, as well as the 5 worst.

The perfect evening was MUNA’s performance.MUNA gave a dynamic performance at the Mojave Festival on Friday afternoon. The concert featured hits such as “Stay Away,” Number One Fan,” and What I Want, which had been rated the 12th best song of 2022.

The mood was set by Blink-182 and Tom DeLonge’s concert.

The fans were in for an amazing surprise when Blink-182 played on Friday because they weren’t part of Coachella’s initial lineup. Tom DeLonge, the band’s former frontman, had recently formally returned to the group. He left in 2015 but the two got in touch again after Mark Hoppus was diagnosed with cancer in 2021.

Does LaB take the stage?

This year Do LaB, an intimate venue that focuses primarily on dance and electronic, invited a variety of performers to surprise DJ sets. James Blake performed on Friday, and ODESZA performed on Saturday.

Charli XCX – explosive performance

Charli XCX, despite performing earlier than she should have done on Saturday night, controlled the main stage.

Coachella 2023: Here are the best and worst things about the most happening music festival in California
Coachella 2023: Here are the best and worst things about the most happening music festival in California

Icona Pop’s duet “I Love It”, released in 1998, still has a strong impact ten years later. Charli XCX, with her hot girl dance and hit-filled set, was a star in 1999, even though the sun still blazed in the sky.

Rosala will be performing on Saturday, and Blackpink will follow her.

The trio impressed the audience with their ease and elegance, performing difficult choreography with perfection and energizing them with songs like “Pink Venom,” and “Lovesick Girls.”

The Coachella 2023 Music Festival turned down the point

Technical errors can lead to dull moments

Bad Bunny is largely responsible for the majority of Coachella’s technical difficulties this year. He invited Post Malone unexpectedly on stage but audio problems ruined their duet.
BLACKPINK and Calvin Harris arrived 30 minutes late.

Harry Styles and Billie Eilish both had severe delays Saturday, compared to last year when they were both on time.

Waiting for half an hour may seem like a long time when you have been standing in line all day.

Frank Ocean had to reduce his performance because he was delayed by one hour.
Ocean’s reason for the delay is unclear. Some reports claim that Ocean changed his stage set-up at the last moment, which caused the festival staff to melt down an ice skating rink he no longer wished to use. Others assert that Ocean’s ankle injury forced him to reconsider the performance.

Poor visual representation is caused by blurred visibility on the main stage screen.
Coachella’s main stage hosts all the headliners. This is a bad thing because it creates the worst atmosphere for the attendees.

These stages, which are similar in size to those of the Sahara and Outdoor Theatres, have been built differently to allow for better vantage points and greater elevations.
The price increase for food and drinks was disappointing.

Coachella is a great example of this.

A single Heineken costs $15. Tax and tip not included. The simple lunch pictured above cost us $45 and included two hotdogs and two orders of french fries.


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