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Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers Review.

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With the motive of reliving the childhood days, the old Disney Afternoon Television Show, Chip N Dale’s New movie, Rescue Rangers has been released, which goes through the modern-day Los Angeles.

1989 was when Disney released an animated block of series, which we all have watched while growing up! The series included animated movies like Duck Tales, TaleSpin and Darkwing Duck, and the legendary Chip N Dale.

Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers Review.
Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers Review.

Chip N Dale was a popular detective series whose theme tune is still prevalent. Ranked continuously as one of the finest animated series, it’s been more than three decades since it was released three seasons before being wrapped up. Both the characters played cameo roles in video games and other shows.

After a long wait and over a decade in production, the feature picture adaptation of Rescue Rangers by Disney is finally here!

Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers Review.

Talking the story of this adaptation begins with a narration reminding us how Chip and Dale met as toddlers and the popularity they reached in no time with being everyone’s favorite characters while going into separate ways. Dale, played by Andy Samberg, works as an insurance salesman, the duo’s ‘impetuous doofus.’ In contrast, Chip, played by John Mulaney, works at fan conventions and focuses on the analytical and logical parts more.

They both get involved in a missing person’s case where they meet Ellie, who investigates the case. Together, they form the Rescue Rangers, who solve the issue. It’s a movie that solves crime in the real world.

It’s a live-action film mixed with humor and comedy plus adventure, and it’s sure fun to watch the old classic back! Waiting thirty years will be worth it after watching this super fantastic movie!

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