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Bridgerton Season 2: How To Explain The Ending?

Some viewers of Bridgerton may be wondering why there’s a time jump between Penelope’s voiceover as Lady Whistledown in the final two scenes of Season 2 and the final moment of Episode 3’s Moment Mall game. There is a simple explanation beyond creating hype. for future seasons.

Bridgerton Season 2: How To Explain The Ending?
Bridgerton Season 2: How To Explain The Ending?

The answer lies in the book that Bridgeton Season 2 is based on called The Viscount Who Loved Me. Julia Quinn, the author of the book series, writes epilogue scenes after each book to show events after the couple’s engagement or marriage. Epilogues often include details to cement Happy Ever After for the couple in question, such as the name of their firstborn child, a Bridgeton family reunion, or a flash-forward scene that addresses a loose plot thread.

Some books also have two epilogue scenes. Bridgerton scripts often have to trim scenes from the book for the time being or because a setting is easier to imagine on screen than it is to describe in text. Season 1 of Bridgerton also ended with an epilogue scene showing Simon and Daphne’s son as a newborn.

The Viscount Who Loved Me has two epilogue scenes; the first epilogue takes place on the night of Anthony’s 39th birthday in 1823. Leaving aside details that may appear in future episodes, it shows that Anthony, growing up, is no longer afraid of his father’s fate. The second epilogue begins two days before Anthony’s birthday and follows the annual Bridgerton family moment with mall matches and games.

Bridgerton Season 2: How To Explain The Ending?
Bridgerton Season 2: How To Explain The Ending?

Some of those in attendance are spoilers for future episodes, so they won’t be mentioned. Simon was also there but was not seen on the show as Reggae Jean-Page was not able to film a cameo for Season 2. The game itself is the typical Bridgerton family battle of wit, will, and sometimes deceit for the upper hand or possession. Mallet of Death. However, Anthony and Kate take turns flirting with each other and trying to undermine each other before and during the game.

The final scene of Bridgerton Season 2 changes the timeline of the annual moment mall game shortly after Kate and Anthony are officially married. Their actual wedding ceremony also takes place off the page in the novel, but in the series, the timeline is simply changed to fit the show’s characters and plots. Kate and Anthony almost missed the start of the game as they were still in bed instead of the night scene.

Parts of the gameplay details were integrated into Episode 3. Spoiler attendees have been cleverly replaced by Lady Danbury and now walking baby August was also added to the show version.

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Anthony believes that he fell in love with Kate during the Pall Mall game. Kate and Anthony still provide a mutual distraction for each other. However, in the show, he spends so much time kissing that he does not even bother to play.

Fans of the novels can often dispute Bridgeton’s adaptation choices, but epilogues will be featured in some form to end each season. It also benefits fans who haven’t read the book because who doesn’t love watching their favorite characters hold hands and walk across the cosmic sunset?

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