Bikinis are my favourite as it goes well with my body: Kate Sharma

Kate Sharma the young social media star and influencer is a fashionista to the core. She has an engaging presence in fashion.

In a candid chat with, Kate talks about her fashion choices.

Check them here.

#Ishtyle for you in one word:

Colourful, comfortable, cute and sexy.

Favourite item in your wardrobe:

Actually the whole wardrobe is my favourite. But I get bored with my clothes easily, so I shop every week.

The style that makes you feel sexy:

Silk Saree is definitely sexy for me. Bikinis come later.

Your fashion inspiration:

If something is eye candy for me, I will pick that up. Currently not following anyone.

What would be your dress to kill on a perfect date:

A cute little dress which is sexy too.

Sweatshirts or shirts:

Sweatshirts any day with the pair of hot shorts.

Colour combination you prefer in your dressing style:

Pink and blue, red and black, yellow and black.

Your favorite accessory to go with your dress:

I love wearing neckpieces. It suits me well with any kind of dress.

Indian or western:

Depends on what function I am in. I prefer western but I love Indian too with some Jhumkas and bindi.

Your best gift with respect to attire that you have got:

Got a pink Saree from my mom. That’s absolutely special for me. That I haven’t worn yet but definitely soon I will be wearing.

Your favorite dress worn during lockdown: 

Colourful Pajamas and shorts😄

Favorite Beachwear Fashion:

Bikinis are my favourite because it goes well with my body and it’s loved by everyone.

What did you miss the most in dressing up during this lockdown:

I missed dressing up and going out for events and award shows during that time. I also missed getting ready on sets.

Fashion advise to fans:

Just be colourful, vibrant, comfortable and happy.

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