Bigg Boss 16 Update Father’s apology to Sumbul? know the reason

‘Family Week’ is going on in ‘Bigg Boss 16’. In this show hosted by Salman Khan, one by one, the housemates of the contestants are taking entry and are seen guiding their children for the next game. In this episode, his uncle will take access soon from Sumbul Tauqeer Khan’s house. Unfortunately, Sumbul’s father has been unable to be a part of the show, due to which he is deeply hurt. The daughter’s name has also been seen expressing an emotional apology.

Father’s apology to Sumbul (Bigg Boss 16 Update)

Sumbul Touqeer Khan’s father has written a lengthy note to his daughter, which is going viral on social media (Bigg Boss 16 Update). Fans are also getting emotional after reading this note. Sumbul’s father has written, ‘Dear son Sumbul, lots of love and blessings from Papa. This may be the first time we have been so far away from each other. Today when you need me the most, I am not with you. My heart is heavy when I see the other contestants’ families meeting their children in the episode. My gut says I should come running, hug you, and shout to everyone – this is my lioness daughter.

I am proud of you – Sumbul’s father.

In the note, Sumbul’s father further wrote, ‘I have always been with you. Whether it is to take him to school or to bring him back from there. Or you have to go to the market sitting on your shoulder. Whether it is a shoot or a tour, I will be with you everywhere. So please forgive me, son, that I could not come to meet you this family week. But my prayers are always with you. I am lightening my heart just by writing this. I feel the difference that I am Sumbul Taukeer’s father. Lots of love, son.

Full support of fans to Sumbul Touqeer

Let us tell you that the game of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ has been challenging for Sumbul Touqueer Khan. The actress has seen many ups and downs. Along with this, Big Boss has also scolded him many times for his game. Last week, Salman told Sumbul that she keeps sleeping. Despite this, Sumbul is still in the show. The fans of the actress wholeheartedly support her.

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