Bigg Boss 16: Archana fought with Shiv, raised her hand uncontrollably in anger, and created a ruckus in the house

Bigg Boss 16: Every contestant is putting all his might into winning the ‘Bigg Boss’ show, and now as the exhibit progresses. By the way, the show is getting more and more fun. At the same time, there was a commotion in the house, and whose video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this video, Shiva and Archana’s fight is seen in which she loses her cool and threatens to raise her hand.

Uncontrollable Archana

This video of ‘Bigg Boss’ has been shared by Colors TV on its Instagram account, showing that Shiva and Archana are fighting. After this, Archana says, ‘Drag Zapata large car. After this, you can see in the video that Archana is holding Shiva’s throat, and the whole house gets together. After this, everyone calms down the fight and is seen complaining about Archana to Bigg Boss.


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Fans gave reaction

In the fight between Shiva and Archana, you can see Archana crying in the last. Seeing this video, fans are also reacting fiercely. While some fans support Archana and call her the best contestant, on the other hand, some users support Shiva. Earlier, Archana had a fight with Abdu Rozik, in which Archana did not listen to her, after which Abdu reprimanded Archana.

Will Salman Khan be engaged?

In the battle of Shiva and Archana, what reaction will Salman Khan give this weekend? Will he organize Archana’s class, or will he support her? It has to be seen because Archana is having a lot of fighting at this time, and she is competing alone. But don’t forget to watch ‘Bigg Boss,’ ‘Bigg Boss’ every Monday to Friday at 10 PM and Saturday-Sunday at 9 PM only on COLORS. You can watch it anytime on Voot.

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