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‘Bhaaglo Beta’: A Priest Encourages The Bride And Groom To Flee As The Wedding Rites Drag On Till 3 a.m. View The Video

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The priest paused while chanting mantras amid pheras and advised the newlyweds, “Bhaglo beta beagle.”

Indian weddings are extravagant occasions, including several customs and ceremonies. While visitors appreciate greeting friends and relatives at weddings, the bride and groom may find the traditions exhausting. However, the priest performing the ceremony understands how tiresome it might be for the couple.

The priest advised the bride and groom to dance during performing pheras across the sacred fire, which made the attendees and the bride and groom giggle. The video of the incident went viral on social media, with commenters dubbing the priest “savage.”

Look And Laugh Watching The Following Video And know That Pandit Jee Was A Savage For Real:

The bride, dressed under a magnificent red lehenga, and the groom, dressed in a sherwani, take the pheras there in the video by Instagrammer Gaurav. The priest pauses during chanting mantras and exclaims, “Bhaglo beta bhaglo (run, run).” Everyone was taken aback by his remarks. “When it’s 3 a.m. and panditji is like-‘bhaglo beta halo,'” the clip says.

The priest’s statements made so many people chuckle online, and they posted their public reactions. “Every pandit Ji on clips is usually cool these days,” one person observed. “He seems to be the same panditji who makes superstars giggle during their weddings,” another person said.

Gaurav also uploaded other videos showing the priest laughing and joking. One more clip shows the priest telling the groom to glance at the bride’s face while conducting a rite. The priest’s statement about photojournalists, “inke camera may ghus ja Bhai,” made attendees laugh in a third clip.

Watch The Savage Pandit jee Saying The Same Thing:

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