If you are here, you can start from the comfort of your home as you are looking for cheap ideas for small businesses.


Most of these smaller companies will require a laptop and an internet connection. Plus, an incredible impulse to learn, work hard and get used to it. The difference is how to take action. At some point, you must stop reading and start doing it.

1. Freelance Writing:

There is a certain romanticism to freelance writing. Imagine Hunter S. Thompson sitting at a typewriter, smoking his open Devil cigarette head.

But now, writing is much more than that. Either as a favor or complete, it is very simple, one of the best small business ideas.

Don’t believe me? See, who began writing independently in 2011, working full-time. When he received $40,000 in his first year of writing, he quit his job to pursue freelance work. Now he wins over $200,000 a year!

Writing Features: You can write an article of work for online magazines or newspapers. Ideally, you want to specialize in this field and become an expert. Think real estate, nutrition, health, and digital marketing. But don’t fall too soon. Start creating an article on different topics and practice your writing as much as possible. Edit or publish your post to get answers and discover who you are.

Ghostwriting: If you don’t like writing for others and are praised for your work, you might consider ghostwriting. As a ghostwriter, he will create articles, blog posts, books, or other materials for people named after him.

Writing copy – is a special application for online written material. Think of it this way: Every business needs content for websites, emails, and sales pages. It will produce creative content like copiers to help companies engage customers and market their products. You should be able to sell boring products like hotcakes! Writing copy can be an exciting business. Experienced copywriters can charge more than $200 per hour.

2. Start A Blog:

OK, maybe I’m partial, but the best way to become a freelance writer is not mentioned above.

This is easy. Let’s say you want to turn the hobby of writing into a profitable business. Of course, now you’re reading my blog, and I’m grateful for that. In 2017, I started a group of dreams without previous experience to attract anything more than great dreams and hard work.

Build a Niche Website: What’s the Difference with Blog, I Have You?

Well, in principle, there is no difference. Both are websites that have articles on certain topics. But core websites generally go to more specific keywords.

Its purpose is that you want to sell and create high-quality content followed by a profitable keyword around the product or affiliate offer. So what is meant by simple words? There is a gardening blog. But it is delicious. It focuses on a small part of the horticulture niche. Major websites usually create content specific to Google and can provide good sources after configuration.

3. Freelance Proofreading And Editing:

So, do you like ​​working with words but not necessarily doing everything?

Immediately! What do you understand by Oxford coma?

If your blood boils when considering the question, it could be a great freelance or perfect editor.

The editor works with the author during the writing process, verifying his work for spelling, grammar, and prayer structure (prospective editors will see where I am in the Oxford comma of this prayer). Editors can also comment on stories or characters, helping with the original development of the work.

On the other hand, the proof test gave the final writing to ensure that it is free of errors, with a piece of the foot as the final defense line before going to market. It’s interesting if you think about it; it only starts between writers and disasters.

As single mothers of two looking for national business ideas with low initial costs, they turn to companies, writers, and students to provide accessible services. Nikki now wins $4,000-6,000 every month!

4. Accounting And Book reading:

You can’t like it. I see you for all the abundant and very good fanatics! Tax preparation is one of the most lucrative small business ideas one can start. Every small company needs to track expenses, invoicing, and payroll. And as an independent accountant, it will take care of it. It will help in registering sales, deposit receipts, and paying their bills.

Here’s the best news: It doesn’t require specific qualifications to become head of the books. Yes, if you are good with a number, you can start a freelance accounting business today! Like Flexzobs, there are many loose accounting functions currently on the market.

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