Avatar 2 On OTT: If you are late in watching Avatar 2; Be ready, this is the platform and release date

Avatar 2: James Cameron’s Avatar 2, released in December last year, rocked the whole world. There was a lot of craze in India too. Now the film is ready to be released on OTT. If you do not go to the theater and watch movies or you have not seen Avatar 2, then know when and on which platform it is going to release.

Avatar 2: Avatar: The Way of Water is getting ready with the digital release. This film, which has made a splash all over the world, is one of the biggest films of producer-director James Cameron so far. It successfully crossed two billion dollars at the global box office and became one of the highest-grossing films in the world.

Avatar 2 On OTT: If you are late in watching Avatar 2; Be ready, this is the platform and release date
Avatar 2 On OTT: If you are late in watching Avatar 2; Be ready, this is the platform and release date

Well, after the phenomenal success at the box office, the film is now gearing up for a digital release. Although the film has been waiting for a long time, now that it has run in theaters around the world, there are plans to bring it to the audience of the OTT platform.

This is the OTT release date

The producer of the film is Disney and hence it will arrive in India on the OTT platform Disney Plus Hotstar by the end of this month. But the twist in the story is that initially, this digital release will be available in VOD ie Video on Demand form. This means the viewer will have to pay money to see it.

If reports are to be believed then from March 28 the film will be available in video-on-demand format in India. The film will be available for purchase digitally on services like BMS Stream, Google Movies, Microsoft Store, etc. It is clear that after the theatre, the makers are ready to capitalize on the digital viewing opportunity. Producers and OTT believe that for Avatar: The Way of Water in India, such OTT viewers will be found, who will spend money to watch it.

What is the story of the avatar?

Avatar: The Way of Water is a sequel to the 2009 film Avatar. The story of Avatar begins in the year 2154 when humans have destroyed the planet Earth with their irresponsible development. The earth’s minerals and the whole of nature have been exploited. Now life is not possible on earth. Pandora is a planet a few light-years away from Earth, and Earth’s Research Development Administration (RDA) wants Pandora, including its natural resources, especially a mineral named Unobtanium.

So that it can end the energy crisis of the earth. For this, even if the residents of Pandora have to be destroyed, the RDA is not averse. Na’vi is the inhabitants of the planet Pandora, who are very fond of nature. His soul is connected with nature. Nawi’s height is 10 feet high but they are straightforward creatures.

The RDAs combine the DNA of Nawi and humans to create a clone called the Avatar. Scientists send this avatar to Pandora and this avatar can be operated remotely. The avatar on Pandora in the film is Jack Sully (Sam Worthington). Who is a former Marine soldier?

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