Animal`s heroine Triti Dimri became national crush, know the secret of the actress’s toned and beautiful figure

National crush Tripti Dimri: There is a lot of discussion about actress Tripti Dimri in ‘Animal’. Everyone is calling her ‘national crush’. The way the actress gave intimate scenes in the film is being discussed a lot. There is also a lot of discussion about her figure and glowing body. Here is the secret of her extraordinary beauty.

National crush Tripti Dimri


Tripti Dimri’s followers also increased rapidly after the release of the film. While only 4 lakh people used to follow the actress, after seeing her amazing performance in the film, more than 20 lakh people started following Tripti. Meanwhile, the discussion about Trupti’s toned figure and diet plan is also in full swing. Let us tell you how Tipti Dimri can keep herself fit.

How does the actress keep herself fit?

Apart from her beauty, Tripti Dimri is also very famous among fans for her fitness. The entire credit for the actress’ tremendous fitness goes to her day plan. In an interview, Trupti has revealed the secret of her fitness. Trupti herself has told how she manages to keep herself so fit.

According to the news of ‘Aaj Tak’, Tripti wakes up every day at 08-08:30 and then drinks hot water. You will be surprised to know that after this Trupti drinks tea. Trupti herself has revealed that she is a tea lover and she likes tea very much. Tripti comfortably drinks 5-6 glasses of tea every day.

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