Amber Heard is going to settle with Johnny Depp, shared the post on Instagram and told the whole thing

Hollywood actress Amber Heard and her ex-husband Johnny Depp have been fighting a legal battle for a long time. Both had made serious allegations against each other. Actress Amber Heard made serious allegations against actor Johnny Depp, after which Johnny Depp filed a defamation case against her. The jury ruled in favor of Johnny Depp. However, even after this, the two sides had no mutual agreement. Now Amber Heard has decided to settle the matter. Amber Heard shared a post on her Instagram. But he did not specify the terms of the agreement. He took this decision when a Virginia jury ordered him to pay $10 million.


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I told the whole thing by sharing the post on Instagram.

Sharing the post on Instagram, Amber Heard wrote, ‘After much thought, I have finally made the tough decision to resolve the defamation case filed by my ex-husband. However, I defended my truth as best I could. This case started ruining my life, and in the meantime, I faced a lot of insults on social media. Women are harassed when they come forward, and the same happened to me, and now it’s time to free myself from all these things. When it arrived, I took this decision.

This decision was taken after losing faith in American law.

In her post, Amber Heard said that she had taken this decision after losing faith in the American legal system. He also says that his testimony has been made fun of. When she stood before a judge in Britain, she was vindicated by a robust and fair man. The actress said that she had made this decision to save her life. By doing this, she can save her life from getting ruined. Time is precious, so she wants to spend it peacefully and respectfully. Due to the legal process, she was tied up for years. Now she cannot take any risk physically, mentally, or financially.

The jury ordered restitution of $10 million.

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard’s ex-husband, had filed three cases against the actress. Months ago, Amber Heard was ordered to pay back $10 million. Johnny Depp was also ordered to pay $2 million as they both pleaded guilty to specific counts. Amber cannot produce such a massive amount, so she has decided to compromise on certain conditions.

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