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Actress Kratika Sengar Spotted During Pregnancy,

Actress Kritika Sengar is in the final stages of her pregnancy and is expected to embrace motherhood anytime now. She announced her pregnancy with her husband Nikitin Dheer a few months back.

“The room is ready, the bags are full, the parents have left for Mumbai, we are all ready to welcome the new member into the family, it was very unexpected,” recalls Kritika. It was in September, while we were vacationing in the Maldives, diving in the sea when the news of my pregnancy broke.

Actress Kratika Sengar Spotted During Pregnancy,
Actress Kratika Sengar Spotted During Pregnancy,

Unlike multiple moms-to-be, Kritika didn’t gain a lot of weight during her pregnancy. Several social media users accused him of lying. Speaking about the same, Kritika told us, “It didn’t affect me. I take it as a compliment.

One person started questioning if I was pregnant, and another accused me of lying and saying I could turn to surrogacy to have a baby. It was all because till my 7th-month people didn’t know whether I was pregnant or not because of the size of my belly. Now my stomach is big. These comments don’t bother me. I want to answer them only when I’m in a bad mood, but then I hold myself back.

She said, “I didn’t gain any weight. I only have belly weight. But otherwise, I find that weight isn’t something I need to worry about. It’s important to eat everything you can for the health of yourself and your baby.”

Actress Kratika Sengar’ Spotted During Pregnancy,

A little cynical about the new phase in her life, Kritika sighs, “I don’t know what kind of mother I’ll be. This is somewhat unknown to me. It’s something I never thought of.”

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She also shared that reading all the books on motherhood hasn’t helped her. She said, “After reading all the books, I have realized that there is no point You should not burden yourself with what others are going through and instead follow the advice of your doctor and your elders, as everyone is different.

I was reading this book written by a celebrity and I was shocked and surprised to read it. No one like me can ever follow all this. You need to listen to their body. I read more books, but then I realized that maybe this is not something that works for me.”

Actress Kratika Sengar Spotted During Pregnancy,
Actress Kratika Sengar Spotted During Pregnancy,

A bachelor by nature, Kritika says that pampering is not what she is used to. “I am not used to being pampered a lot. I’ve always been a lonely kind of person. I get uncomfortable with a lot of people around me. But the people have been respectful and helpful.”

She laughs, “I have become stingy, and want Nikitin around all the time. It is difficult for me to be like this, but I am unable to bear this feeling. Nikitin has been helpful and has been helping me.”

Actress Kratika Sengar’ Spotted During Pregnancy,

While Kritika is looking forward to embarking on a new chapter in life, the actress mentions that she is scared about her career. “To be honest, for the first time, I am a little scared about my career. Ever since I came to Mumbai, I have always been working. Now, after this, I don’t know when I will work next.

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I know one thing, the same offers may not come, because obviously, I may be unable to work 12 hours of my day, but let’s see. I feel like I’m in a tunnel where I can’t see the end. I want to go back to work after a certain amount of time. I am ready to accept any good offer that eventually comes to me,” she told us.

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