5 Symptoms of Dehydrated Skin: Know the Causes

Have you noticed any itchy, dry patches on your skin? Perhaps your complexion has recently become dull. These and other symptoms may indicate water loss in your skin cells. People confuse dehydrated skin and treat them as the same condition. However, dry skin suggests a lack of natural oils, whereas dehydration indicates a lack of water.

Dehydration becomes more common as the weather cools and the air becomes drier. Dehydrated skin symptoms can sometimes cause dizziness, weakness, and faintness in other body parts.

5 Symptoms of Dehydrated Skin: Know the Causes
5 Symptoms of Dehydrated Skin: Know the Causes

Let’s take a closer look at the five signs of dehydrated skin:

Skin Itching

Itchiness is one of the symptoms of dry skin. Do you get itchy skin after taking a warm shower in the winter? A day at the beach may cause you discomfort, causing you to scratch your body. If these symptoms sound familiar, your skin may be dehydrated due to the weather.

Temperature fluctuations can cause dehydration, which manifests as itchy skin. However, resist the urge to scratch your dehydrated skin, which will result in flaking. 

Skin Dullness

One of the most common dehydrated skin symptoms is dullness. Glowing skin appears radiant, but it does not last forever. If your skin appears dull and tired, this could be one of the signs of dehydrated skin. Adopt a skincare routine to replenish your body’s hydration levels to combat dullness.

After old cells die, the body requires enough water to regenerate new ones. Dead cells will accumulate on your skin if you do not drink enough water, preventing new ones from growing on the surface. Dead skin cells clog pores, causing breakouts and skin irritation.

Increased Skin Sensitivity

When you are dehydrated, your skin, like your body, becomes prone to irritation. Hydrated cells form a moisture barrier between your skin and potentially damaging molecules. These pollutants harm your skin’s health and make your body uncomfortable. Rashes, dry patches, and redness are signs of increased skin sensitivity.

Fine lines and wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles are two signs of dehydrated skin.

Another symptom of dehydrated skin is wrinkled skin when squeezed. Think of healthy skin as fresh fruit with ripe insides. Ripe fruits are firm to the touch, with juicy interiors.

The skin of the fruit sags and wrinkles as it ages. The same thing happens to the skin as dehydration worsens. A quick pinch test can reveal your skin’s hydration level. To do it, squeeze a small amount of skin on your cheek or the back of your hand. Let go after a few seconds.


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