3 Must have Pinterest Courses for Bloggers

Learning to use all of their potential is very important for serious bloggers, so here are my 3 Pinterest top courses. If you’ve been following here for a while, you’ll know that I love Pinterest and use it a lot for the blogs I manage. It has become my business’s main source of traffic and income, and I want to show others how they can use it in your business to increase their income.

According to Hootsuite, Pinterest now has 200 billion monthly searches! This means readers and customers have many possibilities to find it! However, when there are multiple Pinterest courses, it can be overwhelming, and not know what you need for your business.

3 Must have Pinterest Courses for Bloggers
3 Must have Pinterest Courses for Bloggers

This publication contains an affiliate link, meaning I receive a commission if you purchase this blog post link. I will tailor the course I took on my account to help reach the over 1 million Pinterest audience. All the courses below affect my income, and I’m happy to share them with you!

Pinterest Avalanche by Create and Go:

I want to share the first Pinterest course with you Pinterest Avilant Create and Go. This course has had the biggest impact on my business, and I think it’s good. It is perfect for quick to medium bloggers.

When I registered for that, I couldn’t have more Pinterest to do this well. I was wrong! Lauren and Alex share how they brought their business together using Pinterest in a month (yes, not a month, not a year) to generate $100,000.

Not only do they show the base, but they also provide information on your strategy and how to manage your accounts. The strategy he taught revealed that Pinterest has 100k visitors monthly and grows to 400k!

The Pinterest strategy with blogging means you can:

Pinterest’s strategies come from Carly. In my opinion, this course is the least and most valuable course. He could cover all the knowledge of Pinterest, which led him to a complete course.

The main approach to intelligent strategy is that it shows how to fix it manually, which means how to detect successful fraud without using schedules like tailwinds. It’s pretty impressive how it maps out how to fix this manually. I didn’t mind using Tailwind (I’m sure he uses it), but he wants you to know that you can be successful with Pinterest without investing in it.

Practical implications of re-telling the mother:

This is a true course that is part of the package I bought. I love buying one that offers exceptionally well at a very affordable price! I love this course, so I bought other products from Monica to reduce mummy.

What makes this course unique is the focus on affiliate marketing on Pinterest. Now, let me talk about creating a Pin that goes to an affiliate product and setting up a Pinterest funnel focused on the affiliate product.

Monica is deeply immersed in open/closed products and green products. He devised his strategy to harness the power of email for three types of affiliate marketing, direct pins, open/close products, and green products on Pinterest. I learned a lot from him, and I can implement some of his strategies with great success. Click here for more information on the practical implications of pins.

In the future, I would like to do a practical pin promotion course; Share a very profitable Pinterest advertising strategy. If it’s interesting, it also has a practical ad for a valuable free course pin.

It’s a shameless plug-in, but if you need help with its pin design and making your pin design efforts more efficient and take less time, check out our 20 Pinterest Templates. Using this will save you time and get a PIN that your reader cannot read! To purchase more information, click here.

They Give Her the Right Strategy: The courses have built-in 3 Pinterest templates to help tailor their business efforts to being effective for their business. I’m sure there are 3 main components to Pinterest, and I recommend you spend the time and money learning about Pinterest. My biggest regret in business is not paying for the knowledge I had before my online days!

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