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13 Year Old Girl Used To Sell Her Eggs For Pregnancy of Other Women

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The 16-year-old girl has been donating her eggs since she was 13. In many hospitals, he presented his eggs. And in return, he or his family used to get money. He was forced by his mother to do so. Let us tell you that egg donation is made so that those women can become pregnant, who cannot get pregnant for some reason and cannot become mothers.

13 Year Old Girl Used To Sell Her Eggs For Pregnancy of Other Women
13 Year Old Girl Used To Sell Her Eggs For Pregnancy of Other Women

She can become pregnant with eggs donated by a girl or a woman, but the case of donating eggs from the age of 16 has now gained momentum. Police have questioned the girl. Earlier, the police had caught the accused in this case.

The Girl Narrated Her Past To The Officers.

This matter is in Tamil Nadu. The particular medical team has questioned this girl. According to the information, the girl’s mother forced her to do so, and the mother’s lover also played a role in it.

According to the police, the team appointed by the Public Health Department met a 16-year-old girl who narrated her ordeal about egg donation from age 13. The victim described how her mother Indrani and her boyfriend Syed Ali had forced her to donate eggs to private hospitals in the Perundurai, Erode, Salem, and Hosur areas of Tamil Nadu. And in return, he used to get Rs.

Inquiries From Hospitals

According to the police, the girl also said that Syed Ali sexually assaulted her several times. The medical team recorded all the details. Police said they inquired about infertility treatment hospitals in the district where the girl was forced to donate her egg. On Saturday, the investigating officer of the case, the Additional Superintendent of Police, Erode district, summoned two hospitals for infertility treatment. Officials of both hospitals appeared and answered the investigating officer’s questions.

Mother And Her Boyfriend Arrested

Indrani, Syed Ali, and an agent, Malathi, were arrested for forcing the girl to donate eggs and detained under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses (POCSO) Act. The matter came to light when the girl escaped from the clutches of all three and narrated her ordeal to her family members in Salem. After this, a complaint was lodged with the police.

That’s Why Donated Eggs Are

Also, know why eggs are donated. A woman’s body usually produces one or two eggs every month. After the medical procedure, these eggs are removed from the woman’s body. Then these eggs are put in the woman’s body, who cannot make eggs herself. Because of this, she could not get pregnant.

That’s why she needs someone else’s eggs to get pregnant. There have been many cases of donating eggs in India. Most women do this for money only. Instead, you can get from 20 to 25 thousand to a few lakh rupees. How much money will be received for donating eggs also depends on the woman’s ability. If the woman is educated, has higher education, and is also beautiful, then more is paid.

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